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London Home-Start Stories

Pete & Becky's Story

Being in the Army has affected how I react to situations. It’s made me paranoid, it makes you a different person. It’s so hard to come back and have a normal life with your children.

Tamsin's Story

When I came home with Zahra I didn’t hold her for the first five days of her life.  I developed postnatal depression, but I told my midwife that everything was okay and struggled on in silence.

Lorraine's Story

Growing up I had no voice. I self-harmed and was actively suicidal, because I was hurting so much.  At seventeen I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

About London Home-Start Stories

Three families share their stories and the difference that Home-Start has made to their lives. Click on a portrait to read their story. When viewing the slide-show you can control the speed by placing your cursor on the image, or using the navigation buttons.